I am not going to write a detailed post about what happened to me but earlier to day. But I feel the need to warn people because after reading Tez Miller's post on author meltdowns which included the author CL Parks aka Christy Parks whose personal FB page is full of racist comments from her husband and friends, such as 'Sand Coons', inferring all arabs are animals. Generalizing and painting that the religion of Islam forbids women from learning to read (AHAHAHAHA) and a video she repeatedly posts of a goat garbling and then cuts to an arab man giving a speech in arabic. inferring that arabic speakers sounds like goats. I dread to think what she thinks of other non English speaking languages. But they do seem to have an issue with a certain group of people and religion.


I wont link to her page, or her twitter which she accuses me of lacking a sense of humour over the video which was just one of the reasons I called her out as a racist. And I definitely don't appreciate being tweeted a pic of the beheading of James Foley which was crass, classless and an awful thing to do for his memory and family. 


But I implore anyone who comes across this author to avoid like Herpes infected crabs because this is not an author that anyone should support or read.