Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnate's Mistress (LodeStar,  #1) - Cathryn Cade

Full Review to be posted soon at The Book Pushers:


I really liked the premise which had a Harlequin Presents feel but set in a SF setting which had a struggling heroine making ends meets and a rich tycoon who goes doolaly over her. Kiri, the heroine is barely making a profit and makes a rash bet to help upgrade her coffee stall which goes horribly wrong. But don't worry because she gets swept off her feet and rescued by dashing and alphahole extraordinaire, Logan Stark. He is a bazillionaire (take that all you billionaires who are stuck with lower inflation rates.) And he soon becomes obsessed with Kiri although he wont admit to himself or to her that he has developed deep feelings for her which leads to a major misunderstanding a conflict that I wasn't keen on.

I was also not keen on Logan who sleeps with another woman later in the book due to the misunderstanding that happened, which made him believe that Kiri also cheated on him. I am not a huge fan of this trope especially with the way the book ended which was pretty much abrupt with Logan and Kiri reunited but not in a full relationship due to their issues. I liked that Kiri stood up to Logan who felt like an utter cad for betraying her for something she was not responsible for. But I was left confused because while there were three upcoming sequels which were dedicated to their siblings which were not open ended. I did learn there is a fourth book which will go back to cover their issues which will come out this Fall. So I will definitely check this out even though it had the dreaded cheating trope.


But overall, this was a cute read and I loved the old skool feel in a vibrant and imaginative setting which had a noirish feel in New Seattle to the Western tone in the planet of Frontierer. The romance was good which ticked all the boxes for me a for a fun and cracky read despite the ending and the cheating. I'll definitely check out the sequels which will feature a miner for a hero and even better a Space Pirate!