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You all remember Maggie Spence, the "author" who called me at home and tried to intimidate me into changing my review and making my friends stop talking about her? If you missed all the fun try here and here.


All the more outrageous comments on KDP have been deleted  or edited by the mods and both of Maggie's GR accounts are gone since she was banned both times.


Maggie has to be jumping for joy at this moment because  ANNE RICE, she who thinks the universe rotates around her, has declared Maggie's actions to be in her favor.


Screenshot (2821)


Way to go, Annie. You notice that Rice carefully skirts around the fact that she hasn't and doesn't intend to actually look into what Maggie did, much like she carefully doesn't look at what the seemingly dormant STGRB really is about. Rice is losing credibility and this is part of the reason why.


I suppose I have to thank Rice for making me far more important than I really am, so, thanks. Don't expect a fruit basket.



Did you all know I'm a notorious blogger? Why didn't anybody tell me? Why am I always the last to know?




Edit, just in case Rice repeats her support

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