There has been numerous incidents of authors claiming that they've been bullied and harassed and a few recently have decided to shut up shop and stop writing. However, after a big boost of support from fans and other sympathetic readers, they've decided to change to their minds. This post has covered the issues over the most recent author, Sarah Daltry,  who has decided to go down this route. The post also covers what construes as being bullied and using it as a means to promote the author to get attention which does end up being a positive thing. 


I can't not help being cynical when I hear about an author, especially one who has good reviews and a fanbase like this author has and while I am sympathetic to her issues and past, I do think it was a disservice to her fans and others.


But  authors who claims they being bullied by negative readers over reviews, posts and emails. Any person in the public eye is going to get flack and acclaim. It is part of the parcel of being in the public eye. Even big named authors will get crap thrown at them but they've not given up and carried on. I think what is really sad about this whole mess is that any time I hear about an author stating they've been bullied not only undermines and waters down the issues of what it means to be really bullied or harassed. It also makes me disbelief genuine cases and that is not good.