The Ophelia Prophecy - Sharon Lynn Fisher

Full review to be posted soon: 


I really enjoyed the world-building, which was an intriguing mix of SF and biopunk. It is set during a post war conflict where pure humans have lost out with genetically enhanced humans who have had their dna mixed with animals and insects. After a virus which has killed off most of the 'pure' humans, who are trying to survive extinction by avoiding the cities where the Mantis and other mixed humans live. Asha one of the last pure humans is looking for her father but encounters Pax a Mantis, who abducts her for questioning but is reluctantly drawn to her despite the fact she's fully human. 


I adored the Sharon Fisher's first book Ghost Planet which was a haunting and atmospheric tale. In The Ophelia Prophecy the tone is much more action packed and full of political wrangling and intrigue in a vibrant world. I really liked the romance especially which is a slow burn that builds up throughout the book and the romantic elements really gel well with the overall story especially as it combines and mirrors the conflict between the two factions. 


However, I did have issues with the ending, I found it was rushed, and a lot of things happened off the page, especially since there was this huge build-up. It felt anti-climactic - I was also left wondering if there was a second book, because so many plot threads were left hanging, although the romance itself ended very satisfactorily. I hope there's a second book because this was a vivid and imaginative world, and I think Fisher is an amazing writer who has combined both SF and Romance elements very effectively and I think she's cemented herself as an autobuy author for me for SF romance.