Get the popcorn ready because this post and the screenshots are full of WTFckery.


Who knew that a 1 star review could calculate to over $20k in lost sale revenue?


"a 1-star review on Joe Nobody’s book. According to him and his lawyers this cost him $23,000 in lost sales, although how that can be proved is beyond me.

The real question is whether it’d be beyond a jury, as that’s what Joe Nobody wants to do – sue this young and foolish kid so that he can either recoup his losses, get the review removed, or both.

Am I the only one seeing the absurdity in this? Here’s an author ranking incredibly well on Amazon. According to his profile on Kboards he’s sold 126,000 books in the past 3 years and that means he’s made more than $1 million. I can't understand why $23,000 is giving him such grief, can you?