So...she reckons people - especially women - shouldn't be ashamed of their fanfic roots. But "I regret having written fanfiction more than I regret anything else I have ever done"? Hypocritical, double-standards, or some other term whose name I've forgotten?

Again, I (Tez) reiterate: I have no issue with people who write fanfic. Go for it. But if you PROFIT from your UNAUTHORISED fanfic (Kindle Worlds is fine - that's authorised), then yes, I have a big farking issue with it - no matter your gender or race. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A MISOGYNIST OR A RACIST. I know that fairytales and such really old stories are public domain, so I guess that's okay. Fiction with real people as characters (Mary Queen of Scots, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and whoelse), I'm not comfortable with, but I don't know enough about the legalities to pontificate about it.


So...CC reckons she deserves a get-out-of-jail-free card because she wrote a bisexual character, a person-of-colour character? Forgive me if I've forgotten my BBA history, but I thought I read somewhere that the Shadowhunter world was originally Harry Potter fanfic? (Hermione or Draco fanfic, I think, but the Potterverse.) Or she plagiarised someone else's fanfic?


I kind of feel like I shouldn't speak up, because clearly I do not know enough about fanfic, racism, misogyny, and whatnot. But I want to speak up because I feel like something is VERY WRONG, even though I'm having trouble pointing out exactly what bothers me.

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