Break Me Slowly - Joya Ryan

I picked this up because I liked the sample and this looked like a quick read which it was. Katelyn is a heroine who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety as well as recovering from an abusive childhood from her bi-polar mother who left her with physical and mental scars. The hero, Adam Kinkade is a rich, domineering alphahole who falls for Kate within the first moment when his car almost runs her over accidentally.


There was nothing new with the premise but I do enjoy it and I liked Ryan's voice however, while the set-up was good - I did have some issues over the way serious issues were dealt with such as sexual abuse and mental illness which was glossed over. If there was more time spent on expanding it it would have garnered a better rating. Also the ending was really abrupt and I was left bemused by how Kate and Adam got their HEA. 


Overall it was an ok read and Ryan has a good writing style. Not sure if I will pick up the sequels but it was quick read that whiled away a rainy afternoon.