The Wrong Billionaire's Bed  - Jessica Clare

Mini Review:

I will be also reviewing this later on The Book Pushers  and will crosspost here. 



I think this is the best book yet in the series yet and I think each installment gets better and better. Audrey along with her sister are staying in a friend's cabin to help Daphne get detoxed and over the drug addiction she has been battling over the years. But Audrey didn't realise that one of the billionaire club members, Reese who is caught in flagrante with a woman in a hot tub. Things are further complicated when Audrey's childhood crush, Cade comes to stay and Audrey begins to struggle with her feelings for him and attraction with Reese. 


I loved the push and pulling between Reese and Audrey. Their scenes together was just amazing and full of sparks and snark. I was laughing out loud when they would start bickering and be at each others throats in one minute and climbing each other at the next. 

This was a fun and sexy entry in the Billionaire Club series and I loved it!