Demon's Fall - Karalynn Lee
Demon’s Fall is an interesting combination of a fairy tale, dark fantasy and biblical myths. I thought this really added to an atmospheric tone that was both haunting and memorable and these elements gave this a unique take on the setting. However I do wish the novella was longer because I felt it was too short and because the world-building was established and well thought out with these combined elements, there was definitely growth to explore the setting and expand the characterisations especially suffered.Kenan who is an incubus living in Hellsgate, which is a domain that borders heaven and hell, was more fleshed out and developed than Jahelthe enslaved angel. As the story is narrated in his POV there was more time developing his character and even though he was a demon, he never really appeared cruel or even morally dark. I actually liked the ambiguousness of the characters who lived in Hellsgate and like Kenan they actually felt more human than demon. Although Kenan bartered and tricked humans to sell their souls to him, there was no sense of him being evil so his strong attraction and feelings for Jahel was believable and sweet.I wished Jahel was more developed and that we had more of an insight from her POV, I found that she was two dimensional, just too perfect at times. Her feelings for Kenan and trust for him was also too fast and convenient but then this was a novella and there was not much time to expand on this. But I did find she quickly trusted a being who was seen to be a traditional foe who sets out to tempt and steal the souls of her charges that she is entrusted to protect.However i do have to say the romance between Kenan and Jahel was sensual and sweet and it was a highlight of the book, and I liked how that developed and evolved throughout the book and the love scenes added to that. Although when Kenan calls Jahel a “gutterwing” during one love scene which is his nickname for her in the midst of lovemaking was off-putting and threw me off the scene.The strong point of the book, is the side plot that explains why Jahel was captured and enslaved and made for a great action-packed ending. The elements that make up the different subgenres such as the fairytale of rescuing a lost Princess, the fantasy setting and the biblical myths such as the four horsemen of the apocalypse combined to a climatic and exciting ending I really hope there is more about this world because i immensely enjoyed this aspect of the story.The final scene of this book is my favourite - I wont spoil it but I love the image that is conveyed. Although Demon’s Fall has its flaws, it is a quick, imaginative and sexy read, with a fantastic setting and premise. I would definitely read more books set in this world and I look forward to what Karalynn Lee offers next!