In the Bad Boy's Bed - Sophia Ryan
Erotic YA - Oooooh errrrrr O_O Feels like this is an adult book disguised as a YA and I am not comfortable with this. Will post my full thoughts after I finished. Will post my full review soon:But this def confirms my original feelings and I am not liking there wasn't a true warning that is for older readers. I definitely do not consider this YA, the sex was explicit and it made me uncomfortable that a younger reader would pick this up. I had to rant about the lack of warnings and the ones posted on the site wasn't enough because they didn't convey how explicit the sex was. I have posted this here at The Book Pushers. if the characters were at legal age. My issue is with the fact that this is YA and that feels really really uncomfortable. When a sweet romance has less details in a sex scene and that is aimed at adults, I really think the publishers need to look at their editorial and marketing strategy about this.