Black Market Romance: Three Love Stories from the Draconian Underworld - Zola D. Wadsworth
I couldn't finish this - and although I don't usually rate DNF books because I don't its fair- I really don't like the tone and message on sexuality and race which featured in the first and second story. The WTFery factors which was amusing, such as the Komodo dragon like race abducting humans to feed of their psychic energy called psions and they have addictive love juices to hook their mates which smells of cinnamon and buttery toast (I will never think the same way again on those smells). No that was the good bit the jaw-dropping crazy elements were the examples on sexuality was conveyed in the first story. Why did the heroes who were both heterosexual but have to hate the fact they were matched with a male and wanted a female but yet they were soul/sexual mates and quickly changed their minds overnight.But what really pissed me off was the 2nd story and the reflection on race which was pretty much a really bad cliche. Heroine is constantly being cheated on by her boyfriends and also gets derogotory remarks because she's training to be a nurse - here's a good quote."They Said I wouldn't amount to much," I snapped, still hurting from the insult. I got that from one sista while another called me uppity. Seemed like there was nothing I could do that folks would approve of."And another:"That the place where I been doin underpaid secretary work for the last ten years while I learnin nursein."WHY - this was pretty enraging because I get slang and accents but this emphasises racial stereotypes and yes the heroine is black because here's the kicker that made me want to hurl my reader across the wall and decided I should give up. "Diet is die with a t. My trouble was that the weight, it came right off my booty. If a black woman aint' got no booty she ain't gettin none. My last man, he took up with a woman who had a booty and not much else. He called her a stray piece, but creepin is creepin. I wanted a man I could trust."The ironic thing? I read wtfery elements in erotic sci fi romances but with this, the character names and outlandish premise - was forgotten because I got pissed with the racial stereotyping. And this is why I gave it a 1 star. I can see the curiosity appeal but for me I wished I never got it even for a dare and I should have listened to my instincts.