After the End - Bonnie Dee
I decided to pick up a zombie apocalypse romance because I really needed a huge departure from the last book I read which was just plain awful and zombies munching on people will definitely wipe that memory away! I have read quite a few dystopians/apocalyptic zombie set books and I have to say I really am glad I picked this book up because it was def one of the best. I really like the focus on the characters instead of the outside mayhem of zombies on the rampage. Although there was plenty of that, but you really get a sense of characterisation which was really developed on the group of survivors trying to cope and survive in the immediate aftermath. I also loved the fact the main hero and leader of the group Ari, who was young and wasn't that experienced although was fresh out of training camp in the arm and that added a fresh take or his heroine who was a university student. I also liked the romance was subtle and the focus was really on the action and the relationships between the survivors. In a lot of ways this feels like a reading a zombie movie, but with all the good bits instead of the bad ones.There were flaws though, there was definitely a few typos and grammatical mistakes, which in one instance threw me off the scene because I got confused to which character was being left behind at a tense moment. But overall, this was a tense and tightly paced zombie apocalyptic tale which I really enjoyed. I even loved the ending, which although has an open end and there is still questions, it does have a hopeful tone.