A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean
3 and half stars.Full review to be posted soon:This was a cute historical romance, which featured childhood friends who are forced into a marriage of convenience. The hero, Bourne is a jaded and cynical man after losing his lands to his guardian in a card game and is on mission to get his revenge. He seizes this chance when they become part of a dowry of his childhood friend Penelope and compromise and forces her to marry, which becomes a marriage of convenience so that her sisters chances to marry well aren't jeopardised and they form a partnership of sorts. I really love this trope and I loved the exchanges that Penelope and Bourne share. However I really felt at the midway point, the pacing got bogged down and I was getting tired of the way Bourne kept pushing her away so he would not feel vulnerable which got tiring. But the ending was fantastic and I loved the scene where it was Penelope who took control which was something she never had throughout her life and I loved that she did it in style! Sexy love scenes, witty repartees and child-hood sweethearts in a marriage of convenience is a great combination despite the slow middle, this was a fun and quick read!I look forward to the followups which will feature the partners of Bourne's Gambling club and the excerpt for the next book looks fun!