The Warrior's Gift - Bonnie Dee
Full Review to be posted soon. I picked this up because its fantasy romance and also I really enjoyed Dee's Zombie apocalyptic romance and I liked her voice. I have mixed feelings on this book. The bits I liked, the hero is this big brute of a warrior but is in fact a gentle giant and a virgin to boot! The heroine wasn't this scared maiden because she was about to sacrificed as a wife to the Guardians and the warriors who defend her village and the lands surrounding them. The love scenes were very well written and hot and helped to define the growing feelings between them. However the second half of the book was pretty choppy and I felt the rebellion which the hero and heroine instigated - I wished there was more time on how that came to be because I felt that the buildup to that was rushed and there was also a scene which the heroine was raped by one of the guardians and I felt that she never even had reaction to that. Although she was prepared for it and resigned to what was happening but later in the aftermath of the battle and I found the scene when she was reunited with the hero a bit off. But it was a cute romance with a sweet hero and heroine. Edit: I had to downgrade my rating because I keep thinking about the rape at the end which really didn't make any sense to me because of the lack of heroine's reaction and the fact there was an opportunity by the hero to stop that from happening especially within the time-frame. This is a hot issue with me. I wished it was expanded or written better because I would have rated this a higher grade :(