Even Villains Fall In Love (Heroes and Villains #1) - Liana Brooks
Fun, quirky and zany with a great take on the Superhero and villans trope with a twist! I loved that the pov was with the villain, Evan aka as Dr Charm who is deeply in love with his superhero wife, Tabitha aka as Zephyr Girl. But his plans for world domination on the sly and his comfortable domestic bliss with his family is on the rocks when Tabitha starts to distance herself from them. With his minions and precocious quads who love to get into trouble too - Evan is on a mission to save his marriage, rule the world and make sure his girls don't wreck his basement!This was such a fun fun fun story - although it was a tad too short and I would have loved to see more on how he met his wife and more heat between them (there's a lot of mental lusting going on heh) - I would also have liked to see more of this world, because it was engaging and funny and I adored the riff on the whole superhero/comic tone! Evan was such a delightful and witty character and he was such a hilarious narrator. If you want a quick and funny read - I highly recommend Even Villains Fall in Love because it was such a great twist on comic book characters!