Cry Baby Hollow - Aimee Love
Full review to be posted soon:I really really enjoyed this book, which features werewolves in a southern rural town in America. Aubrey the heroine, is an ex-Navy officer who is relocating back to Cry Baby Hollow after a divorce and to help out her surrogate grandmother Vina. But the slow pace of life and quiet is quickly surpassed when events in her small town is much more dangerous than it seems. Oh I really loved Aubrey's character, she wasn't kick ass in the traditional sense but she definitely stood her ground when she faced danger and I loved how resourceful and intelligent to protect the people she loved. And you got to love a heroine who knows how to blow things up to help track and hunt mail-box vandals! But the best thing in the book is the characters - the plot which concerns the werewolves slowly evolves but it is the characterisations and the little details and developments that affect them is in the fore-front. Usually this wouldn't be affective especially in an UF but Aimee Lane really makes them alive through their dialogue and personalites. I adored the cranky Vina who had some of the best one-liners in the book. There was also a fun and sweet romance, with Aubrey's neighbour Joe that slowly plays out and while it was subtle, I wasn't left wanting.I highly highly recommend this book, because it was a pure gem to read. The slow pace may not appeal to some who would like more action and plot, but I loved the focus on the characters and I hope there is MOAR because I am firmly hooked.