Dream of Me - Josie Litton
I had this on my tbr pile for a long while, and I decided to pick it up because I needed a change from the current crop of books I got. I was glad, because it was a sweet and fun book, that reminded me a bit of Fires of Winter without the hero really going into alphahole mode. The book starts out with Wolf the Viking hero abducting the heroine, after being insulted by Cymbra who is a Saxon noble and her family for rebuffing an alliance against the Danes and a marriage to cement it. So he decides to abduct Cymbra for revenge and to punish her brother Hawke. But Cymbra is unaware of any offers and would have committed to an alliance because of the threat the Danes presents but being abducted by a burly and grouchy viking did not endear Wolf to her. However despite this bumpy beginning and the huge misunderstanding, Wolf never mistreats her and really melts around Cymbra. This reminded me a lot of Julie Garwood's old romances but with the vein of Fires of Winter, although I did find Cymbra way too sweet at times and perfect, she has a gift of empathy which has isolated her from people and is also a healer. Whilst Wolf is the atypical alpha type warrior, but I really liked how the romance progressed between them and I especially loved the food fight scene which let to a hot smexy session straight after. This was a fun and engaging and sweet romance and I will definitely check out the sequels to this trilogy!