The Battle Lord's Lady (Battle Lord Saga, #1) - Linda Mooney
During my ongoing quest to find a good barbarian/warlord romance, this one was a fail which I am sorry to say. This had a great premise and the fact it was a post apocalyptic setting with mutants and battle lords that run city like fiefdoms would usually tick all the boxes for me. But the heroine, Atty suffers from Mary Suism - she's beautiful even though she's a mutant she doesn't have extra limbs or anything to mark her as ugly and an outsider but lustrous indigo hair and she is a super duper hunter. Which marks her having a special ability because she's a mutant. Then there is the humans led by Battle Lords who hunt and kill the mutants although there are two different types of mutants and Atty's people have been mistakenly targeted as the bloodthirsty and murderous types. And this is one of the main gripes I have about this book, the world-building although was interesting was inconsistent and it didn't make sense a lot of the time - also what caused the mutations? It was all very vague. But my biggest disappointment was the romance, it was sweet and a bit sappy but oy there was no real build-up and when Atty is taken prisoner she falls in love with her captor and the battle lord who killed her family and people over the course of 3 days? There was no tension, no recriminaton or distrust and suddenly it was all sweetness and light and all things spice. It was unrealistic and very cliched - but the thing that made me me go all O_O was the scene where Atty lost her virginity and the reasons why she was a virgin was a danger to her life(which was pretty much another cliche) was the icing in the cake of disbelief. It was also crazy in a wtfery way - I still kept on reading at this point because I wanted to see how this book ended. But it kind of fizzled out at the end. I wont be reading the sequels and I definitely wont be recommending this book because it was such a let down. But I am still on that quest to find a good barbarian/warlord romance!