Wreck of the Nebula Dream - Veronica  Scott
This is a sci fi riff of a Titanic style disaster set in space. However, there's no hokey romance or King of the WOOOOORRRLD moments. This was a tense and action packed story with a hint of romance. The story opens up with the hero, Nick Jameson returning back to base after a mission gone wrong. Because a lack of a military transport - he is booked passage on a luxury space liner which is on its maiden voyage which boasts of breaking established speed records. But Nick didn't realise that instead of a few days stewing about his future job prospects, he would join forces with a handful of survivors dealing with a fateful voyage filled with collisions, hostile aliens and pirates. I really enjoyed this take on the Titanic story and I definitely liked that it was in the POV of the hero - he was a great character, resourceful and likeable. The supporting characters such as the ninja type assassin/bodyguard Khevan and the love interest Mara were strong and capable. I was especially curious on the back story about Khevan and I would definitely read a sequel if he is featured as a hero, because I loved the hints of his history and the world he belonged in. For romance readers - there were hints of this although this is more of an action packed disaster thrill ride, and I was definitely sucked into the story. But if you fancy something different and with the POV of the hero, I highly recommend it!