Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles #1) - Anna Zaires
Full Review to be posted soon: 3 and half stars. Mini review and quick thoughts: If I had to describe this book in a few words - this would be a crack factor romance. It had an interesting combo of V meets powerful hero and innocent heroine and it really worked. The Krinar a benevolent race has invaded Earth and although they are light years literally ahead with their technology. The Krinar have mostly left the humans alone with the exception of their destructive and environmental policies. But some of the K's are attracted to humans, and one day Mia Stalis finds herself attracting the attention of one powerful alpha Krinar called Korum who is drawn to her. While I had issues with Mia (I found her a bit annoying and a bit of a ninny) who did a few TSTL moments in the story, I did like the world-building and the romance was sexy and hot. Although I did wish there was more on the world-building and setting because I found the idea of the invasion and the reasons behind it really interesting. And while the elements of vampire like alien race shouldn't work for me - it did and it was a crackish element for the story and added another layer to the tone of the story which was enjoyable and fun. I will definitely pick up the next book.