Tangled (Tangled, #1) - Emma Chase
Full review is posted at The Bookpushers:http://thebookpushers.com/2013/06/28/review-tangled-by-emma-chase/Tangled was a true delight, I didn’t think I would love the hero even though he was a cocky bastard at times, but he did win me over and the romance was fun, sexy and amusing. I also recommend that this should come with a laugh out loud warning because I was literally giggling and laughing throughout the book. There is this cinematic feel with Drew’s narration and Tangled ever gets adapted for the big movie treatment, I can see it really working. I also loved the supporting characters, from Drew’s friends and family. And I most especially loved Dee Dee, the smart PHD chemist who works on refining on rocket fuel for NASA but likes to dress up in sexy clubbing clothes was hilarious to throw people off. I really hope she’s the next heroine in the series. This was a book chock full of humour, charm and a sexy romance and it was so refreshing to read it in Drew’s perspective which is rare to read in romance with the full POV based around the hero. Emma Chase, I salute you for writing an amusing book with real engaging characters who truly became alive. I think you have firmly become on my autobuy list!