Breaking Chance - Kim Knox
When Melissa “Lucky” Chance is again facing another set of charges after being caught for thievery and sexy conduct the authorities deem unsuitable, she assumes she will have to go prison and escape again. But this time she finds herself she may have played with fire once too many times as the ruling and visiting judge has sentenced her to death along with a dangerous murderer John Ramius. The only way to get out of this mess, Chance has to team up with this dark and dangerous man who may not have very good intentions towards her, but to survive she may have to entrust him to escape their looming execution.This book was part of the recent splurge I had on sci fi romance and I am very thankful that I picked this up because it was a fun, sexy and engaging read! For a novella it packed a lot of action and emotion and there was interesting surprises and twists that I did not expect.Ramius’ character really reminded me a lot of Vin Diesel’s, Riddick from the Pitch Black movies, there was a real sense of menace and danger at the beginning of the book and I think it really added to the sexual tension with Chance, who is really drawn to him in a lot of ways despite knowing and fearing he might harm her, Chance on the other hand is the opposite of Ramius’ character and is brash and cocky and impulsive. I really liked how she rebelled against her Government and was able to subvert the controlling chip, that all citizens are forced to have. She was a fantastic foil to Ramius and vise versa and it made their romance more believable especially when they force each other to face their past, later in the book.I really felt that over the course of the story, from the tense beginning to the big ending they both balanced each other well and along with the high octane action. The romantic developments did not falter, but built up to an emotional one with surprising revelations from Ramius which really fleshed out his character even more.However I do wish there was more about the sentient living ship, Drew, which Chance and Ramius steal to escape the authorities. He showed great possibilities and I especially loved his interactions with Chance and Ramius, but because this was such a short book, the ending does leave things open for more but ends satisfactorily if there are no sequels. But I really liked the setting and the premise that Kim Knox sets out and if you fancy a quick and sexy read with emotional depth I highly recommend this book!