Rogue's Pawn - Jeffe Kennedy
Full review to be posted soon:This book really took me by surprise by how much I liked it even though it was pretty unusual and quirky. I loved the dreamy tone and Alice in wonderland feel, although it was pretty vague and choppy in the beginning which felt a bit jarring. The heroine, Jennifer/Gwynn's narration was entertaining and enjoyable and I loved her snarky and witty observations in the strange world that she finds herself. There is an overall tone of BDSM/Submission and Domination but not in the usual sense and it is definitely more emotional and mental and I liked the approach of its themes especially how it tied in with the magic in the book. I especially loved the juxtaposition of her logical thinking which was a great way to outwit or solve the problems she was facing and how she incorporated that with her magic.The best of part of the book was her relationship with Lord Rogue who is enigmatic and mysterious with his motives towards Jennifer/Gwynn. Their relationship is complex and multilayered and also fun which helps to build up their tension throughout the whole book. And I also loved the fact it didn't become cliched or overwrought or wangsty.This may not be a book for everyone who loves fantasy romance, because it is definitely edgier and cerebral and almost surreal at times. I also felt the narrative flow was a bit choppy and I wished the world-building and fae society was expanded a bit more because there wasn't much of a sense of where she was other than being in the land of the fae but it did add to the dreamlike feel. But the tone and dark fantastical atmosphere is definitely memorable with a witty protagonist that adds snarky humour to the mix.