Loving Scarlett - Lola Newmar
I knew what I was getting myself into when I picked up the book, in fact I couldn't help myself because this was an erotic retelling tale of Snow White but no dwarves (thank god- to know there is probably 10001 porn movies and who knows what else is out there) which isn't that exactly sexy an image and tarnish my childhood memories thank you very much. But this is the start of Siren's new line of Sextreme line of erotic romances that has more than four ding dongs. And you guessed right in this book there is 7 ding donged heroes, who are all brothers and top that, they are shapeshifting Longhorns. When I read they turned into bulls with long horns - I could not help myself! I mean who can't resist the idea of a cowshifter which is the strangest animal form I have read (well there was the duck-shifter story but that doesn't really count).Scarlett wakes up after falling a cliff, and realises she has amnnesia due to her fall. Wondering who she and where she is, she encounters a herd of brothers who live close by in a ranch and they soon tell her that she is their long awaited mate. There was a lot of innuendo and a few funny moments, some intentionally and unintentionally. There is also several hilarious scenes where the brothers get really possessive or HORNY with the sight of blood or red on Scarlett- like real bulls, they get riled up in a lot of ways at red. I really dread to be near them in a traffic jam though! However the main disappointment was the sex scenes, I really couldn't get engaged with them, and the fact she was a virgin who lost her inhibitions within a day to jump most of these brothers bones was a bit of a leap. I think for me, I prefer more of an emotional connection with the characters and I am not a huge fan of menages where the participant just interacts with the heroine and not with the male counterparts. It doesn't feel like a real menage, and in this case Loving Scarlett has the brothers factor, I don't think I would have picked this up if I have known this, its too close to incestery for me. But if the one set of twins, and triplets and the three brothers thing didn't engage me enough - the older brother acts and is referred to as a father because he is around 40 years old while the youngest are in their 20s and that includes Scarlett. I can see the appeal of these of books but for me I give it one star for the story/characters and plot and another just for the red motif.