Ghost Planet - Sharon Lynn Fisher
Full Review to be posted soon:Quick review and thoughts.I loved the unusual premise of an alien planet twinned with earth which holds copies of dead people who in some way are linked with the new colonists. Elizabeth who finds herself as a ghost copy after dying soon after arriving is linked with her boss, who has set out the Ghost Protocol which is to ignore the ghost copies. I loved how she never gave up and faded away like other ghosts have done and the romance between her and Murphy who is her boss and the human linked to her. It was sexy and sweet and had a fantastic build-up. In a lot of ways this reminded me a bit of Solaris which had a similar premise but this was much more engaging and I loved how the main plot progressed. It was definitely a surprising gem of a book and I will definitely be checking out Sharon Fisher in the future because Ghost Planet was a refreshing, unique and full of depth and I highly recommended!