Running Wild - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones
Full Review to be posted soon:Quick thoughts and mini review -This is the second book written by Linda Howard and Linda Jones who I have both enjoyed their books in the past. Although with Howard, her recent stuff hasn't lived up to the promise of her older books and have been disappointing, but Running Wild showed elements of her classic tone and humour.However while I enjoyed the glimpses of humour, snark and the sparring between Carlin and Zeke, there was something missing.I was also not keen on the suspense part of the book, the villain was too cardboard cutout for me and I wished there was more expanding on that aspect especially in the beginning. The pace was also pretty slow and it kind of bogged down in the beginning, and I think this affected the romantic tension which started off fantastically but petered out in the middle. However the story and romance picked up in the end but it never really reached the potential it could have been - which would have been a wonderful romance. But this is definitely much better than their first collaborative book Blood Born.