Agave Kiss - Ann Aguirre
Full review posted at The Book Pushers: I have just ended an epic journey with this series and I can’t believe it has ended. But what a wonderful and bittersweet ending it was. When we last saw Corine Soloman, she found herself and her best friend, Shannon, in London after escaping Sheol. But there was a a huge and tragic price to pay and that was with the death of Chance who sacrificed himself to allow them to escape. Grieving and battered with the lost of her witch powers, Corine is determined to find a way to be reunited with Chance because there is hope that she could bring him back due to his divine mixed heritage. Corine also has to deal with a pissed off demon over a debt owed, an even more pissed off and dangerous archangel who wants to use her for his own agenda to start armageddon, and saving an old friend from a dire fate. If I had to sum up and describe what this book in two words it would be ‘epic romance’. I hope I tried not to give anything away in this review because I think it really would spoil the joy in reading the surprising twists and turns in the final installment. But Agave Kiss is a fantastic resolution in Corine’s gauntlet of adventures from discovering her past heritage and the fall-out it has brought on to her life and it ends beautifully, albeit bittersweetly. I loved every moment from following her story from the highs and lows and fast pace heart-in-throat antics. I will miss these characters but this was a beyond perfect ending. I turned the last page with a huge smile on my face. Ms Ann Aguirre, I salute you for writing a fan-fucking-tastic series!