The Thing About Weres - Leigh Evans
Full Review to be posted soon:Hedi is once again in the midst of trouble, her mate is stuck in the fae lands and she has to deal with pack politics which is becoming to get ugly. But after losing her magic to a fae ghost and getting tied to a tree when the werewolf authority comes to investigate that she has been lying the past 6 months. She is shocked and elated when a portal opens up and that her mate Trowbridge is back and he has brought back some companions, a werewolf called Anu and her long lost twin brother. I enjoyed this followup to The Trouble With Fate although I found this was much slower paced and less action-packed to the first book which was one of the quibbles I had with that book. But I also felt this book was very much like a filler and the action only got going towards the final third part of the book. I did like the revelations and twists in the plot especially concerning Hedi and what it means to be a mystwalker, but I found that I was missing something that I really enjoyed in the first book. However, I loved the interactions and humour between the main cast of characters especially Cordelia. While the sexual tension with Trowbridge just sizzled and Lexi provided an interesting dynamic to Hedi's development.Even though I didn't like this installment as much as the first book, I think it has cemented me in following the series because that ending has definitely got me hooked for the next book!