This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer
I have heard good things about this series, but I definitely recommend that you don’t start this series by reading the last book of the trilogy which is what I did. I found that I missed quite a lot of development and backstory. However I quickly caught the gist of the plot, and characters once I got into the story. I quite liked Miranda, who is the narrator of the story. The book takes the form of her diary, depicting the everyday events of surviving a post apocalyptic world, where an asteroid hit the moon and its fragments hit the Earth, which pushed it closer to the planet’s orbit.Miranda is coping more easily with the environmental drastic changes and the everyday struggle for survival. But although she has accepted things, there are moments where she is understandably resentful because she fully realises that despite these small comforts, all the things she has took for granted have gone. Her life has changed forever and this adds an air of poignancy to the story. Along with her brothers and mother, despite the struggle to survive, new changes come along. Some for the good, like electricity (albeit very unreliable and short) makes a returns, semi regular but low food rations from the Government, and some for the bad which create tension. Her diary was a perfect medium to share her feelings and outlook about the dystopia/survival setting which I found realistic – especially the smaller entries which said just as much as a longer detailed entry would about the bleak and uncertain future her family is facing.I had some issues with certain characters and plot lines such as Alex, the protagonist of the second book in the trilogy. And although I didn’t read his book, I did not warm up to his character because I found him distant, and the decisions he made was frankly idiotic – especially in context with what happened at the end of the book. Unlike Miranda, who was a more sympathetic character, I found his logic and reasonings about his sister were off. And I also didn’t think the romance he had with Miranada was realistic. Also, it was a bit of a coincidence that Miranda’s family is reunited despite the events which happened to her father and his family in the previous book.I do think there might be more books to come as it leaves on an ambiguous end. I loved the feel of isolation and desolation but also finding strength with each other and as a family – which at the end of this book, is a realization that most of the characters face, including Alex. But I found some plot lines were too convenient, and characters were making decisions that just felt off. But I think it was done to bring forward a plot. This World We Live in may not be as hectic or action filled as some other post apocalyptic books, but I do think the tone of the story and the emotions was more realistic. I liked Miranda’s narration which was honest and realistic. Her outlook and insights about her new world was filled with pathos, and hope now that she is reunited with her family, even though tragedy can be part of her life.I give The World we Live in 3.5 out 5