His Dark Bond - Anne Marsh
Three and half stars.Full review to be posted soon:I really enjoy this series. Anne Marsh combines smexy erotic love scenes with PNR really well and the world-building is very solid which has a gritty and dark edged tone. With this entry to the series, I did enjoy Nessa and Zer's story, although not as much compared to the first book, Bond with me. However, I loved how science was used and how realistically to the series and how that related to Nessa's characterisation. The romance was hawt between Nessa and Zer, although I did think there was something missing while they were bonding over their relationship and I wished there was more time spent on Nessa and Zer's reluctance over their mating. Nonetheless, this was a steamy, action packed and I am definitely looking forward to the next book!