Skin - Kylie Scott
Full review to be posted soon:Quick thoughts and mini review -I really liked Kylie Scott's voice and enjoyed her previous zombie post apoc romances even though there were flaws. I was also unsure about the premise of this book, which has the hero chaining the heroine to a bed and holding her against her will while the zombie apocalypse is happening. But I was pleasantly surprised on how this all turned out because even though Nick was an alphahole caveman at times. He was not an abusive arse but more like a socially clumsy guy with a crush who was trying to woo Roslyn in an arsebackward way. It was pretty funny especially since Roslyn was not impressed with his attempts and stands her ground (she is lethal with a wine-bottle!) with witty and snarky comments which I liked because I was afraid she would turn into a doormat. I also loved how she used her skills as a librarian to define and shelve the antics and actions of Nick when he was being a bit an ass to her. I felt this instalment in the series was much more developed and established the worldbuilding - I also liked how it tied in with previous books which helped to expand ongoing plot threads and story arcs. I also felt this was a much tightly plotted book and fans of the Walking Dead will lap this up. But overall, I think this is the best book to date and I loved the humour, action and the Australian setting. Definitely looking forward to more!