Wild Burn - Edie Harris
Full review to be posted soon/at The Book Pushers.Quick thoughts/mini review:Wild Burn was a fun and sexy romance, with a wonderful heartfelt romance between a gunslinger and an ex-nun. The chemistry between the two leads were wonderful, with a romance that at times was tender and sweet but also filled with great banter and humour which sparkled with tension.The hero, Delaney was a great romantic protagonist, I liked his gruff and stoic demeanour and I totally melted towards him when he fell head over heels for his heroine, Moira - who was also a fantastic heroine. I loved that despite the fact he accidentally shoots her in the beginning of the book, she never got intimidated by him and saw through his hard cool shield and I liked how she managed to crack through it. Their banter between them was delightful and really added to the tension between them. But I think when their pasts were explored - it showed how well rounded and shaped their characters were, and I think the scene where they both confess their past just cemented the romance for me.I think the main sub-plot that dealt with the Indian dog soldiers kind of fizzled out at the end and the ending was a bit anti-climatic. But the real heart of the story was the romance which just beyond fun and sexy! A terrific debut and I am will definitely pick up the next book by Edie Harris.