In a Treacherous Court - Michelle Diener
Full review to be posted soon:I rarely read mysteries but I do love this setting and time period. Susanna and Parker were fantastic characters and I loved how unconventional they were compared to the courtiers and nobles in the royal court of King Henry the 8th. Parker being a self made man who went up the ranks to the King's yeoman and Susanna being a court artist and illuminator, added a different dimension to the usual roles I have read and it was interesting to note they were based on real people too. Their romance was also a highlight and the strongest element in the book, Parker was really intense and ruthless which surprised me and I really liked that and Susanna's honesty and frankness was refreshing too. My only gripe was the mystery which kind of dragged in places especially in the middle and I think it lost the tension and momentum of the tense tone although it definitely picked up later in the book. I will definitely pick up the next book in the series because I was really engrossed with the main characters and what kind of intrigues they would get caught up in future books. I really think this will appeal to both mystery and romance readers!