Bone Deep - Bonnie Dee
This is more like 3 and half stars. Lovely and tender romance set in a small town in post second world war America. The hero, Tom, escapes from an abusive situation at a carnivale he works for where he was part of an attraction for those who were seen to be freaks due to disfigurements or disabilities. In Tom's case, he was heavily tattooed all over his body and when he ends up finds sanctuary at Sarah's farm, who is a widow who is still mourning the loss of her husband. He stays hidden due to his tattoos but both Sarah and Tom fall deeply in love despite the prejudice and distrust they both face in her community. I found Tom to be one of the best beta heroes I've read in a long while. He was so lovely and tender and I loved how protective he was over Sarah especially due the hate they relieved due to the distrust they face. My only gripe is the ending when they both came out of a dangerous situation but it seems to dismiss there could potentially be more in the future. But overall this was a wonderful and heart-warming romance with an unusual premise! And I am all for that!