Riveted -  Meljean Brook
Full Review to be posted soon:Wonderful installment in the Iron Seas series. I adored the romance between Annika and David who really shone in this book. The pace is slightly slower than previous books, but it really focuses on the the romance which is a joy to witness as it develops. Both David and Annika are outsiders but instantly connect with each other and I loved how they slowly fall in love with other. I also loved how it explores another aspect of the world-building, which in this case is the icy landscape of Iceland and mechanical trolls and levianthanlike whales. I love how the themes of sexuality, race and disability is covered and how that affects the characters and the world-building. But this is definitely how you write Steampunk, because Meljean Brook injects so much depth and detail into her world that it feels so real and vibrant. Definitely one of the best books I read this year!