Released - Megan Duncan
This is more like two and half stars. I was attracted to this book due to its premise and cover - and I am always up for a good old dystopian with demons or zombies on the rampage and the book started off well, with the heroine, Abigail, her brother Carter and friend Max setting off to New Mexico to find a military outpost which seems to be a safe haven against the apocalypse where demons have arrived to earth. Although there was nothing that stood out for me with its world-building or setting, the story was engaging enough in the beginning, however it kind of fell apart when they picked up another survivor Taya who was pretty annoying at times and especially bratty. And when they encountered people at a compound where a strange almost like cult-like group the story felt vague and weird and this is where I kind of lost interest in the book. Despite the strong beginning, I felt there wasn't a much of connection with me and the characters and the fact Taya who had lost her mother in a horrific attack would then crush heavily onto Carter in such a short frame of time.There was also a few issues with editing - but overall, the concept was great but the story and character's were not that appealing for me and I don't think I will pick up the next book.