Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison
Full review to be posted:Quick thoughts -I think Pia and Dragos has become one of my all time favourite couples and I loved them in Lord's Fall. Although it started off a bit slow, and I wasn't that keen with their separation in the beginning of the book, with Pia on a diplomatic mission to smooth things over with the elves and Dragos stuck in New York to find new sentinals. But the romance (Rrrroaarrr factor in the smexy department) and the main plot with the elves had an epic and felt more immersed in fantasy elements than PNR. I loved the new characters that were introduced like Eva who becomes Pia's new bodyguard although their relationship starts off rocky but I liked how it developed and evolved to them becoming almost affectionate and friendly with each other and with respect. The plot with the elves brings forward plot-threads from previous books and introduces some tantalizing hints in the future about the repercussions of the events in this book. However the romance between Pia and Dragos is the real highlight and I bloody adored the final scene in the end. It was sweet and tender as well as pretty funny. Thea Harrison I salute you for creating a wonderful romance along with a fantastic world filled with real imagination!