Moonglow - Kristen Callihan
Full Review to be posted soon:This is more like 4 and half stars. I really really enjoyed Firelight - the first book of this PNR series set in Victorian London, but Moonglow not only surpassed that book it has firmly entrenched this series for me as one of the best PNR series out right now. I adored the romance between Ian and Daisy and I found their characters to be much more relatable and engrossing. The world-building was also expanded to highlight the wider supernatural hidden world which really adds to the atmospheric tone of the book. I also loved the different types of supernatural beings and they tied into the mystery of the story which really felt refreshing and different. But the romance between Daisy and Ian was the real heart of the story. Moonglow is a fantastic, gripping and atmospheric paranormal which is very memorable and vivid with its world-building. I cannot wait for the followup Winterblaze.