The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas
Full Review to be posted:Very enjoyable epic fantasy with a likeable and resourceful heroine. I am a sucker for assassiny type heroes, although we didn't see much of that in this book, as Celaena is a prisoner at a slave camp for her deeds as an assassin. But she is offered a choice to compete for the King's Champion which will help to regain her freedom. I wished I read the prequel novellas because although the main plot wasn't affected - I did feel that I missed a lot on her backstory. I also had trouble getting into her character at the beginning of the book, and there were instances of some stilted and awkward dialogue. There is also that old cliche in YA now of the ze dreaded love triangle. Although it wasn't emphathised heavily in the book, I don't know how to make of it because I don't really get a sense of her feelings for the two men in question. There is the choice of the crown Prince Dorian who appeared to be a bit of a cliche for me at times, and Chaol the captain of the guards. The main plot and mystery was well written and I liked how it played out with the larger arc of the story and the threads for the sequels look very promising. Overall, this was a fun and exciting fantasy although there was a couple of issues I had with the dialogue and the direction of the love triangle, but I am definitely getting the sequel and will check out the prequel novellas!