For the Love of Mollie - K.T. Grant
For the Love of Mollie is a love story about an ordinary woman who hates the imperfections about her body. This really affects her confidence and self esteem about her desirability. However, she soon discover sand later learns that those imperfections can be desirable when she catches the eye of hunky gym owner, Connor Bean, where she works out. It’s refreshing to read about a woman who was relatable due to her body size and how that affected her esteem, but even better was Mollie being older than Connor. And I thought that was a different take from the usual older and more experienced woman with a younger man. I liked how Connor helped her to see that her size was not an issue, but found her attractive and it was a positive attribute for his desire for her.Connor was charming and sweet, and I liked how he wooed Mollie out of her shell over the course of their romance. It made her feel more confident in herself. Their relationship was fun and filled with lots of pleasurable moments with each other. However, her crush on JC was sidelined very quickly and was smoothed over in the beginning of the novella, especially with the added complications of her best friend, Suzy, who clearly has something happening with JC. I felt that Mollie would have felt more angrier or upset about that rather than simply dismissing it. There was also the ending which I found to be cliched with Connor being caught out by Mollie with a self entitled and mercenary styled bimbo who is after him sexually. I felt that because he was so sensitive to Mollie and to women in general he could have avoided being alone with her. I’m not a huge fan of this type of misunderstanding because the resolution never rings true for me. Overall, For the Love of Mollie is a sweet love story with likable and relatable characters. It’s a quick read that highlights that old adage which rings true, that beauty is really about the eye of the beholder.