In His Command - Rie Warren
Full Review to be posted soon:Quick thoughts and mini review. This was a bit of a slog to get through, which was disappointing because this is a premise I would lap up and inhale. But I found the POV of the hero, Casper, pretty hard to engage and connect with because he was crude and abrupt. I also felt that the narrative and writing style disjointed which was hard to get into. I wasn't that keen with the romance because I found the sex scenes a bit too pornish. But the story did improve towards the end when the plot focused more on the rebellion attacking the fascist like government, although some aspects of the world-building didn't make sense although I did like how oppressive the authorities were and that added a dark tone to the story. I just wished that main character's narrative was much more engaging because I found it very hard to connect to him and the story overall.