Flesh - Kylie Scott
This is going to be more like 2 and half stars - Quick thoughts and review:I loved the opening of the book, when Dan encounters Ali who has been holed up in her neighbour's attic when the zombie outbreak happened. He was very patient and understanding and slowly gaining Ali's trust and he made a great impression on me - however, I knew this was going to be a menage romance, and I am not that keen on them because they rarely work because I prefer them to be a true romance with three people rather than sharing their heroine. I was disappointed that in this case, it was the latter, and while I liked the second hero, Finn -(they are both very yummy and well written) - But I just didn't like how they ended up as a menage. The reasons which Dan gave to Ali who was attracted to Finn, didn't feel right, although the author did try to illustrate this but the whole post apocalyptic as a reason that things could change for them to become one just didn't work. It felt rushed, and not well thought out. Ali's relationship development with Dan evolved much better compared to Finn's which felt like it was just an added extra and he did feel like a gooseberry of their threesome, in many ways. And I think this was a disservice for his character because I really liked him as a hero for another. But overall I did like the author's voice and her grasp of characterisation and the zombie apocalypse backdrop. Even though I disliked the menage sub-plot, I did enjoy the story and characters and I will definitely be looking for more of her books in the future.