Blooded - Amanda  Carlson
I have pre-ordered the full length book, Full Blooded but was keen to check out the heroine which was luckily released as a prequel novella. Blooded, starts off right into the action with the heroine, Jessica vying for a real place in the pack which is all dominated by male wolves. Because she is the only female born within a pack, she is regarded with suspicion, fear and scorn especially with the fact that unlike her twin brother who is a werewolf, she is a human female. Jessica is likeable and stubborn character, and I really her voice. The werewolf society structure was interesting, although it didn't expand much information and on the world-building and this was a pretty short novella. It did give a taste of what Jessica and the hint of the troubles to come she will face later. I think this will be a cool new UF series, and I am definitely looking forward to the first full book.