Strings - Kendall Grey
When an author trashes her readers or genre because she feels she's selling out - it is not one I want to support. I especially feel that trashing one genre for another is dumb because while she feels her Urban Fantasy is art there are others who would view this genre being a sell out or poor. And the fact she also considers Goodreads reviewers as 'motherfuckers who can't read' is the icing on the cake. Feel free to read and support this self entitled author who is not just thankful she has succeeded in breaking out especially in the tough world of publishing and most especially in self publishing her trashy book. But I wont be supporting or reading this, because I'd like to have respect as well getting it from an author who would feel grateful that I enjoyed their book and in turn I would rate and review them as well as recommending them to other readers because that is what is important. Not lashing out and blaming readers for not loving her trashy art.