Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison
I ADORED this book! I think it has topped my best debut author and books this year. The worldbuilding, which features fae/elves and wyrs (shifters) was well thought out and was solid but the real joy was with the romance. I got a funny feeling that this will become an uber popular series amongst PNR/Romance fans. I have been burned out on PNR the past year or so and I rarely picked up a new series because of this but I am so glad I bought this due to the pre-release buzz! The dialogue was snappy and the tension between Dragos and Pia sizzled. I cannot wait for the next the book! I also did a joint review with MinnChica at The Book Pushers - http://thebookpushers.com/2011/05/20/joint-review-dragon-bound-by-thea-harrison/