Assassin's Gambit - Amy Raby
Full Review to be posted soon: Oh wow! I think I just read the best debut author/book for me this year so far. Assassin's Gambit is an epic fantasy romance with detailed and rich world-building and multi-layered characterisation. Vitala is sent to assassinate Emperor Lucian who has subjugated her country and people. But things aren't what they seem when she arrives at his court and ends up allying with him. This was imaginative and epic in feel, and although so much was happening and it felt like two book's worth of plot was jammed in - it definitely worked for me. The romance was also great, which had a disabled hero (and it was explored realistically and beautifully) and Vitala who has her own emotional and psychological issues was also covered in depth. It really helped to cement the romance for me. I am definitely hankering for the sequel which will cover events before this book, but this is my kind of fantasy romance.