Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha
Full Review to be posted soon at The Book Pushers.Quick thoughts and mini review:This was one hawt, raw and high sexually charged erotic romance. I especially loved the setting and premise of a dystopian world with an authoritative run city surrounded by outside sectors run by gangs. This feels like a dystopian Sons of Anarchy, meets The Hunger Games with real erotica in the mix. I loved how the society was constructed and how sexuality fitted into the gang run sectors. It was seamless and well thought out although I wished we had more details on the world-building about the other sectors and how did Eden City became controlled by zealots who outlawed premarital sex, alcohol and restrictions on women. The main characters were also fully fleshed out and I really felt that this was more about Dallas' gang and their relationships with each other and how they evolved. And while I enjoyed the main romance with Jasper and Noelle I loved the full cast of characters because they all shared great chemistry and was filled with nuance and a lot of layers. It is definitely going to take a few books to really delve into how they really tick. The colour and tone of the book was refreshing and fantastic because it was so vivid and earthy. Whilst everyone is glomming on the Bazillionaire seducing the innocent trope, this was a refreshing, honest and dark take on sexuality and combining it in a harsh world. Want moar!