Living Violet (Cambion Chronicles) - Jaime Reed
Four and half stars - and full review to be posted soon:I have to say I was getting pretty much burned out on YA PNR especially with the mysterious boy trope. But Living Violet but what it does offer is a snarky and sardonic heroine and the mysterious boy who is honestly refreshing. The cast of characters and the chemistry they share is fantastic and I really like the paranormal aspect and how that tied into the story. I also loved that Samara doesn't go all moon eyed over the hero and in fact is pretty suspicious and savvy about him. This was so so refreshing. I will definitely be following the rest of this series. But honestly - if you are sick of the Twilightesque emo tortured hero and wallpaper heroines - Get this book! Snarky, fun and filled with characters who are very real. Delicious!