Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde
Full review to be posted soon:Quick thoughts and mini review-I love the Sons of Anarchy, so anytime there's a romance featuring biker heroes then I am game for one although they dont always work. But Reaper's Property really is definitely one of the best books with this premise and if I have to describe it in two words - it would be GOOD CRACK. It is similar to Kristin Ashley's Motorcycle Man, which I enjoyed with its over the top alphahole and fun heroine, although I found Reaper's Property to be a tighter book and better edited. And for me I think I enjoyed this much more. Reaper's Property is also much more darker and definitely more violent and doesn't shy away from darker issues like criminal activities and real sexism and misogyny (and there was a few scenes which were uncomfortable reading this). But this felt really authentic, gritty and I could the author really did her research on MC culture, she didn't water it down or tried to whitewash the uglier side. But despite this she also developed the romance which developed an interesting dynamic and I loved the heroine, Marie who didn't back down and stood her ground against the hero Horse. Even though he was pretty much an arsehole throughout the book and does some unheroic things - he does fall hard for Marie and their scenes alone was the highlight of the book, because despite the machismo and chauvinism he's totally head over heels. And it works! The balance is a fine line and I think some readers may be uncomfortable about this book but I think it worked very well. Because the romance was well written and developed in a realistic way even though there is conflict due to Horse being Reaper.It may not be for everyone, especially with the sexism but I thought this book had a great romance. And despite the darker and seedier elements linked to the gang, there was fun moments and good honest sexual tension that built up wonderfully. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel!